When Is the Time to Change a Lock?

Changing a lock is somewhat cumbersome, and we often consider it an unnecessary expense. On many occasions, making the change of lock is basic for the security of our home or business. What may seem like a waste of money can save us a lot of headaches. Read more some tips by TOP Locksmith Richmond.

In What Cases a Lock Should Be Changed


  1. When we moved to a new home

It is not opportune to keep the lock used by the previous owners of the house. We do not know anything about them: how many copies they made of their keys, to whom they gave them, if they were returned, etc. That is why, in these cases, it is recommended to change the lock and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.


  1. When a tenant leaves

If you have rented our apartment or house, it is convenient to make a change of locks between tenant and tenant or if you yourself want to stay in this apartment or house. As in the previous case, we have no idea how many key copies the tenant has made or who he has given them to, so the simplest thing is to make the lock change.


  1. Loss of keys

The key allows us to access our home, but also allows it to anyone who has it. If we have lost our key, we do not know who can access our house, so it is best to make a lock change.


  1. Theft of keys

In the case of theft, it is even more important to make a lock replacement. In many cases, thieves do not steal only the keys, they steal our bags and purses. This implies that the thief has information of the address to which those keys belong. That is why it is very important to make a lock change as soon as possible.


  1. When you had a row with someone in possession of a spare key.

You can never count on the decency of another person if you have a had a serious row with them. It sounds sad, but it is true. If you are in conflict with someone who has ever had a copy of your key, it is better to change door lock as soon as possible to avoid any damage that person may cause you in the heat of the moment.


  1. Someone attempted a burglary

Attempted burglaries may signalize that your lock does not look safe enough, and can easily be broken into. Sometimes thieves come back to the same place they have already tried once, because they know the owners do not expect it. In either case, it is better to replace your lock to be on the safe side.


  1. The lock is worn out

Locks have expiration dates. You may not know how long your lock can serve, but a locksmith service can always help you out. Call such services for maintenance of locks and find out what can be done to protect your home.